The top Salesforce World Tour takeaways for associations

The Nimble AMS team had a fantastic time at the 2023 Salesforce World Tour in Chicago and New York City! We got to learn from industry experts, be inspired by AI solutions, and network with trailblazing association professionals. 

Keep reading to learn our top takeaways from the 2023 Salesforce World Tour.

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4 Salesforce World Tour session takeaways

Perhaps you missed the 2023 Salesforce World Tour, but you won’t want to miss these top session takeaways:  

1. Strategies to use data to prepare your organization for AI

The AI revolution is touching everything, nonprofit and member-based organizations included. The Using Data to Prepare Nonprofits for a Future with AI session offered insight into how organizations can prepare to take advantage of all that AI has to offer by leveraging a data strategy.

2. How Salesforce and empower nonprofits and associations

The Salesforce Solutions: Salesforce for Nonprofits provided tips on how organizations can most effectively leverage the powerful CRM platform. This session featured experts on the latest Data + AI + CRM + Trust innovations.

3. Tips to prep your data for AI

Is your organization ready for AI? Before you embrace AI, you’ll need to prepare your data. The Top 3 Ways to Prepare Your Data for AI session offered industry recommendations for data preparation, to ensure AI increases your productivity, helps you reach your goals, and more.

4. How to leverage AI to improve your learner experience

Your members value professional development opportunities. In the Leveraging AI and Data Across the Entire Learner Experience session, you can discover tips to advance the learner experience with AI.  

The power of partnerships

At the 2023 Salesforce World Tour, the Nimble AMS team had the privilege of highlighting our trailblazing partnerships with top industry leaders. Here are four partners we were proud to showcase: 

  • RSM
    Nimble AMS has a longstanding partnership with RSM, offering innovative solutions to empower associations. RSM was one of Nimble AMS’ first implementation partners and the organization has some of the industry’s most seasoned consultants to offer expertise and confidence during the implementation process. 

“The Nimble AMS core-association functionality…combined with RSM’s association and Salesforce experience provides all associations the ability to achieve digital transformation,” said Craig Dellorso, RSM Director of Nonprofit Relationship Management Solutions.

  • Fíonta
    Recently, Nimble AMS began its partnership with Fíonta to offer an extensive suite of services, serving associations and achieving strategic objectives. Consulting with associations and nonprofits for 21 years, Fíonta is woman owned and led. Fíonta employees have extensive industry knowledge about member-based organizations with 23 association-specific consultants.

    “Fíonta offers core implementation services for Nimble AMS and Salesforce, offering a dedicated team of experts to ensure the implementation is a success. We’re working now to see how we can prioritize AI to better meet your association’s needs and design a crisp user experience,” said Erica McNichol, Fíonta Vice President of Business Development.

  • FusionSpan
    Nimble AMS proudly partners with FusionSpan, a woman and minority owned business, fostering inclusivity and striving for growth in all its operations. FusionSpan offers strategic consulting, managed services, data integration, and Salesforce expertise. With over 14 years of industry experience, FusionSpan has a global presence, serving more than 200 customers worldwide.  
  • Aplusify
    Nimble AMS is proud of its partnership with Aplusify, Implementation and Managed Services. Aplusify has over 300 Salesforce experts on its team, bringing industry experience and insight into the implementation process. Associations looking to advance their technology solutions and improve the member experience have much to gain from the Nimble AMS + Aplusify partnership. 

Nimble AMS customer success stories

During the 2023 Salesforce World Tour, our team got to highlight the power of Nimble AMS by sharing a customer success story. The American Society for the Surgery of the Hand (ASSH) strives to improve the medical field by supporting its members. Since 2015, ASSH has leveraged Nimble AMS to support new and innovative approaches to organizational challenges.

By leveraging Nimble AMS and Salesforce, ASSH has created efficiencies through automation to transform the member experience. How? Here’s how ASSH has improved the staff and member experience with Nimble AMS + Salesforce: 

  • Uses Salesforce Flows to automate staff and member processes, saving significant levels of work and time. 
  • Leverages Nimble AMS + Salesforce web application to offer accessible and accurate medical information. 
  • Accesses the trusted Nimble AMS + Salesforce ecosystem to inspire staff and member innovation.

ASSH has leveraged Salesforce Flows to automate tools in its ecosystem, saving a minimum of 4 hours to a maximum of 28 hours per week. This time saved totals an entire afternoon for ASSH staff.

“Imagine a Tuesday afternoon when you’re free to work on anything you want. What changes could you make? How could you improve your processes? What initiatives could you start? Automation can bring real and profound change to your organization,” said Collier Faubion, Nimble AMS Senior Solutions Engineer.

Learn more about Salesforce for associations

Be sure to join the Nimble AMS team at the next Salesforce World Tour to learn trailblazing tips, prepare your association for success, and be inspired by all things Salesforce! In the meantime, check out our free toolkit: Salesforce for Associations.

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