Spring forward into innovation with the Nimble AMS Spring ‘24 release

Are you ready to spring your entire association forward with exciting innovation? The Nimble AMS Spring ‘24 product release is here to deliver! 
Our Nimble AMS team is always working to offer the latest updates to enhance your organization and meet your association-specific needs. Leverage the Nimble AMS Spring ‘24 release to improve your staff and member experience, putting you on track to exceed your goals. 

Customer submitted ideas

You asked, and we listened! Due to popular demand, NimbleLand now includes upcoming Nimble AMS events, providing opportunities for the Nimble AMS community to meet. We’re offering even more capability in our community, with built-in collaboration features in NimbleLand. This provides even more ways for you to share ideas and for the Nimble AMS team to increase the customer’s voice in our decision cycle.

Nimble Communities updates

Exciting improvements are coming to Nimble Communities! With the Spring ‘24 release, Nimble Communities is even more powerful, bringing additional integration with your committees, events, and volunteer opportunities. Nimble Communities now offers six more automations within committees, events, and volunteer opportunities, to provide additional value.  
We’re also increasing security and building an inclusive community within Nimble Communities, updating our terms of service to protect your members and your association.

Volunteer management microsite

We’re continuing our work from the Winter ‘24 product release to support volunteer management and empower your organization to elevate its volunteer program. The new Nimble AMS volunteer management functionality makes it easy to quickly set up a volunteer site. Using Experience Cloud and Experience Builder, your staff can use point-and-click actions to configure your volunteer site to match your association’s theme and branding.  
This feature also enhances the member experience, offering a modern site to showcase your volunteer opportunities.

Experience Cloud Community Hub improvements

The new Nimble AMS member portal is built on Experience Cloud, Salesforce’s industry leading platform for enabling organizations to create and manage branded portals for customers, offering point-and-click capabilities.

With the Spring ‘24 release, you can look forward to these exciting new Experience Cloud Community Hub enhancements:  

  • Guest access and checkout
    In our latest product release, guest users can now seamlessly make a secure purchase while receiving messages about member savings. This feature can promote exclusive member benefits while simultaneously removing login barriers. When you use guest access and checkout, you could experience a potential increase in membership enrollment and retention.
  • Coupon support
    With our new coupon functionality, you can offer increased savings and satisfaction for your members. Our coupon support feature ensures it’s easy for members to apply coupons, ultimately driving revenue for your association.
  • Recurring donations
    With the Spring ‘24 Experience Cloud Community Hub enhancements, your constituents can now easily set up recurring donations, providing a convenient option for donors. The recurring donations feature eliminates the need for manual intervention for donors, providing a stable and consistent revenue source for your organization.
  • My orders
    Using the new Experience Cloud Community Hub enhancements, you can now empower your members to track, view, and manage their Nimble AMS orders. This feature improves the member experience, offering increased member convenience.  Plus, there’s a new order processing support for Pro Forma orders. (Finance is going to love this!)

Nimble AMS setup app

With the Spring ‘24 product release, we’re offering a new tool to make it even easier to use Nimble AMS. With our Nimble AMS setup app, you’ll get easy access to setup and configuration wizards. All wizards and configuration tools will be centralized, making it simple to discover new ways to perform tasks and save staff time   
Use the Nimble AMS setup app to empower staff to quickly create products, events, and set up new membership types. 

Salesforce updates

Look forward to these exciting new Salesforce updates going live with the Spring ‘24 release: 

  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) auto-enablement concludes. As of February 1, 2022, Salesforce requires all customers to use MFA.
  • Enhanced domains. This feature was enforced in Winter ’24 and redirects until Winter ’25.
  • Deprecation of Workflows and processes. Salesforce is moving away from supporting Workflow Rules and Process Builder and transitioning to the feature-rich functionality of Flows.  

Learn more about the latest Nimble AMS features

Ready to discover everything Nimble AMS has to offer? Check out the Spring ‘24 release notes today. 

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