Your AMS technology partner’s approach to training matters

Jeff Golembiewski, Director of Product Enablement

November 2, 2020

    A few months ago, my colleague wrote about the importance of considering an association management software (AMS) vendor’s training approach when you’re looking for a new AMS system.

    As the article mentions, the Nimble AMS team believes that training is about more than just taking a class or two after your new system goes live. It’s a critical piece of the entire AMS implementation.

    That’s why Nimble AMS offers a full range of training resources, including:

    A variety of training types, from training throughout the implementation process to workshops and self-training resources:

    • Training during the implementation process helps ensure initial staff members who will be using your new system understand how the system works and are prepared to manage the system when it launches.
    • Training workshops position your staff for success at go-live and after the implementation. These workshops are tailored to your specific instance of Nimble AMS.
    • For times when your staff wants to learn on their own, Nimble AMS offers options including a Customer Success guide, a help site, an online user community, and an annual user conference.

    Multiple levels of training depth including basic overviews of navigation, accounts, reports, dashboard, and more to deep-dives on key areas of the product.

    Content for every member of your staff, from typical daily users to administrators and super users. For example, workshops include content created to build organization-wide knowledge of the system, as well as to “train the trainer” by developing key users and administrators into super users who can build proficiency in multiple areas and help the rest of the organization.

    The workshops are also helpful for onboarding new employees and providing staff members a refresher when they need it.

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    Introducing Nimble AMS Administrator II class: A focus on automating your processes

    The point of training is not only to make sure you understand and feel comfortable using your new Nimble AMS system, but also that you can take it to new heights. That’s why the Nimble AMS team now offers the Nimble AMS Administrator II class.

    This course teaches attendees how to automate certain functions in their Nimble AMS system at the Administrator level. In the course, the Nimble AMS instructor uses the strength of the Salesforce platform (upon which Nimble AMS is built) to teach attendees a mix of advanced Salesforce Administrator-level functions as applied to Nimble AMS.

    These functions are Nimble AMS-specific so that users can learn how to build automated processes in Nimble AMS and Salesforce platforms.

    The course includes advanced topics, including:

    • Workflows
    • Approval processes
    • Process builder
    • Process flows

    Each topic builds upon the previous one to present a model of how to maintain and build an automated process in Nimble AMS.

    As you narrow your list of potential AMS partners, be sure to consider their approach to training. Approaching training as part of the overall implementation and client success plan makes all the difference in making sure your new AMS meets (and exceeds) your association’s goals.

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