Top 5 Ways the Salesforce Platform Benefits Associations


Jeff Golembiewski, Director of Product Enablement

September 16, 2020

The Salesforce platform is widely regarded as the leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform. More than 100,000 companies worldwide have chosen to use Salesforce CRM. Year after year, Salesforce is honored as the best CRM system by organizations including CRM Magazine, Destination CRM, Software Advice, and ZDNet.

At first glance, an AMS solution built on the Salesforce platform might just seem like a database stored in a multi-tenant cloud – the model many legacy AMS vendors have begun to follow. Dig below the surface, though, and the advantages of an AMS built on the Salesforce cloud platform become apparent.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of a Salesforce CRM-based AMS for associations:

#1 – Hit the ground running

Old school AMS solutions start from scratch – an empty database and a blank page of code. But with Salesforce, you get a set of business functionality that’s ready to be applied to your business. In effect, Salesforce enables your organization to hit the ground running.

Because Nimble AMS is built on the Salesforce platform, it’s not just a blank database. It’s an AMS solution with pre-defined, yet configurable elements for contacts and relationships, an e-commerce engine, workflow tools, visual design tools, and a robust user interface. If you need more, then you can use APIs and custom code within the Salesforce platform environment to build and expand the solution to your specific needs.

#2 – World-class CRM

CRM is critically important for professional and trade associations. Knowing your members, tracking interactions with them, and being able to get useful business intelligence about membership trends are more important than ever before. Insights into your membership can help you make smarter decisions and provide greater member value.

Nimble AMS customers can leverage the same innovative and powerful CRM tools that the largest companies in the world use. Just imagine if your association had access to the same CRM tools that Fortune 500 companies do.

The Association's Guide to All Things Salesforce

What association professionals should know about the leading CRM platform

#3 – A vast technology ecosystem

The Salesforce AppExchange brings a broad range of technologies closer to associations. With thousands of solutions in the AppExchange, associations can extend Salesforce-based AMS technology more than they can with old school AMS solutions.

For example, a search on the AppExchange for “email marketing” returns more than 500 results. In contrast, typical AMS vendors offer only one or two solutions for specific business needs.

With Salesforce and Nimble AMS, associations can select the AppExchange vendor with the most appropriate feature set, technology, service offering, and price point to meets their needs. Solutions range from very simple, to the complex marketing tools used by Fortune 500 companies.

#4 – Salesforce business applications

Salesforce was built for “sales”. That might seem like a dirty word in the association world. But the truth is that associations do sell. They sell corporate memberships, meeting registrations, exhibit spaces, sponsorships, educational products, and more. And, they need technology to support those activities.

Salesforce also gives associations the ability to scale the technology to support more than just sales, using some of the leading tools for sales automation, customer service, data management, marketing, artificial intelligence, and business intelligence. The various Salesforce application “clouds” (Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Analytics Cloud) are a natural progression path for associations as they grow.

#5 – Mobile first

Salesforce delivers a “mobile first” approach: While the product is designed to work through a typical desktop browser, all applications are also accessible via mobile devices.

Giving your staff the ability to access key systems and data when they’re outside of the office is critically important to working efficiently these days. Whether your staff is traveling, working at one of your association’s events, or working from home for a period of time, giving them a remote experience that’s similar to the in-office experience will keep your association running smoothly.

Leverage the benefits of Nimble AMS and Salesforce.

Nimble AMS is built on the award-winning Salesforce platform. It gives the association industry association management software (AMS) functionality paired with Fortune 500-level CRM functionality.

With Nimble AMS, not only can your employees access important member data and processes remotely, but members can also engage with your organization – doing things like paying dues and updating their member profile from their mobile devices.

This combination – a running start for development, world-class CRM, a vast application marketplace, the Salesforce business applications, and a mobile first approach – will drive your organization into the future. These are tangible benefits that will transform how you do business and drive member engagement.

Learn more about why Nimble AMS is the most in-demand AMS built on the Salesforce CRM platform

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