The Salesforce platform is widely regarded as the leading cloud CRM platform and last month Gartner named a Leader in Platform as a Service (PaaS).

The Nimble AMS Association Management Software (AMS) is built on this award winning platform.  How could that benefit your organization?  Let’s have a look.

Better; MUCH Better

Upon first look a Salesforce based Association Management System may look like a database stored in a multi-tenant cloud – not much different from what many of the legacy AMS vendors are moving to.   Dig below the surface layer and it will become readily apparent that the advantages of an AMS built on the Salesforce Cloud Platform are huge. 

Benefit #1 – Hit the Ground Running

It really is a paradigm shift. Instead of just delivering a set of development tools, Salesforce delivers a set of business functionality that is ready to be applied to your business challenge. Old school AMSs invariably start from scratch – an empty database, a blank page of code.

Salesforce enables your organization to hit the ground running. Nimble AMS is not just a blank database, but predefined elements for contacts and relationships, a commerce engine, workflow tools, visual design tools, and a very robust user interface. If you need to go further, then you can use APIs and custom code within the environment to build to your specific needs. 

Benefit #2 – Real CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is critical to professional and trade associations.  Knowing your members, tracking interactions with them, and being able to get actionable business intelligence on membership trends are more important than ever before. Insights into your membership can help you make smarter decisions and  better tailor offerings.
Imagine if your association had access to the same CRM tools that Fortune 500 companies do
Since Nimble AMS is built on the Salesforce CRM platform your organization can leverage the exact same CRM tools that the largest companies in the world use.
Last year Salesforce spent $627,000,000 in research and development on their cloud platform.  Now you can leverage that innovation investment to advance your association’s critical mission

Benefit #3 – A Vast Ecosystem


The association world doesn’t have a reputation for being cutting edge. Resources are limited and the latest technologies are often beyond reach.

The Salesforce AppExchange brings those technologies closer to association clients. With over 2,600 solutions in the AppExchange, associations can leverage a much broader range of vendors than any legacy AMS can provide.

A search of the AppExchange for “email marketing” returns over 120 results. Typical AMS vendors offer one or two solutions to specific business needs. With Salesforce and Nimble AMS an association can select the vendor with the most appropriate feature set, technology, service offering, and price point that meets their need. Solutions range from very simple, to the same complex marketing tools used by Fortune 500 companies.

Benefit #4 – Salesforce Business Applications


Salesforce was built for “sales”, which is sometimes a dirty word in the association world. Let’s face it though, our associations are selling corporate memberships, meeting registrations, exhibit spaces, sponsorships, educational products and more.

Salesforce gives associations the ability to scale and use some of the leading tools for sales automation, customer service, data management, marketing, and now business intelligence. The various Salesforce application “clouds” (Sales CloudService CloudMarketing CloudAnalytics Cloud) are a natural progression path for associations as they grow.

Benefit #5 – Mobile First


Salesforce delivers a Mobile First approach. The Salesforce product is designed to work through a typical desktop browser. However, all applications are also delivered to mobile devices using Salesforce1 for staff and administrators can manage their organizations through SalesforceA (IOS / Android).

Imagine your staff being able to access and update your critical association from any device at any time
Nimble AMS, goes one step further to deliver a mobile-friendly, responsive website for your members to engage with your association as well as a native mobile app for your constituents.  ​

Get Started Leveraging the Benefits of Nimble AMS and Salesforce.

The combination of the running start for development, a vast application marketplace, the Salesforce business applications, and a mobile first approach will drive your organization into the future. These are tangible benefits that will transform the way you do business and drive member engagement unlike the offering of any legacy vendor.

Contact us us today to get the conversation and benefit process started.