Five key metrics to track in your association’s Salesforce dashboard

Regardless of the season, it’s never too early to start examining your organizational benchmarks to ensure your association is on track to hit its annual goals. But did you know your organization can greatly benefit from leveraging association analytics tools like a Salesforce dashboard to offer key insights on anything from the membership process to revenue growth?

When your organization chooses to adopt innovative association management software, like Nimble AMS built on Salesforce, you can access Salesforce dashboards. With Nimble AMS, you can choose from various reports pre-built for associations to use in a dashboard or decide to utilize the power of the Salesforce platform to custom-build your own dashboards.  

Leveraging dashboards lets you track key performance indicators (KPIs,) allowing your organization to measure its progress and take control of its future. Discover the power of Nimble AMS and Salesforce dashboards and learn the metrics every association should routinely track and examine.

What Is a Salesforce dashboard?

Because Nimble AMS is built on Salesforce, you’ll get award-winning member management tools that are optimized for your association. One of these tools is the Salesforce dashboard, which allows users to view visualizations of important data.  
With Nimble AMS, organizations can use various pre-built reports to create dashboards, optimized to meet your specific association KPIs. If your organization requires unique specifications, you can leverage the power of the platform to custom-build your dashboards to track your individual metrics. Dashboards can become vital in your benchmarking and decision-making process. 

Five key metrics to monitor in your Salesforce dashboard

Every association has unique goals and will prioritize different KPIs. However, there are a few metrics that all associations can benefit from closely monitoring.

Consider exploring the following KPIs in your Salesforce dashboard: 

1. Membership growth
The first key metric your associations should closely track is its membership growth rate. This factor will help you understand how your organization is expanding and reaching new members.

Consider comparing growth rates between months or years to understand how and when your association is evolving most.  

2. Membership retention
An association’s membership retention rate is also greatly important, as it represents member loyalty and dedication to your mission.

Monitoring retention and turnover can help your organization identify weaknesses and areas within operations that require refining. You can see the changes in the number of members the association has maintained over time. 

3. Membership engagement
Associations should closely monitor membership engagement, as well. This KPI helps teams identify what events and activities are useful in leading the organization to success.

Nimble AMS lets your association gain insight into a member engagement strategy, helping you understand how your members participate in events, interact with other members, and take advantage of their membership.   

4. Lead-to-member conversion
Another valuable KPI for associations is the lead-to-member conversion rate. This value indicates how many people an organization can move through the member journey and convert into real members.

By keeping a pulse on the conversion rate, your association can improve practices to inspire prospective members to join, ultimately boosting membership growth.  

5. Revenue growth
Driving revenue is another valuable KPI for associations. Monitoring profits collected from membership fees, donations, events sponsorships, e-commerce transactions, and more is a great way to track this KPI.

Revenue growth rates will help give your organization the insights it needs to audit its processes and find new ways to offer value to your members.

Discover how Nimble AMS offers Salesforce dashboards for your association

With Nimble AMS and Salesforce dashboards, you can ensure your association is on track to hit its annual goals. Leverage KPIs and dashboards to exceed your organizational goals and achieve your mission!


How to super charge your use of membership data with dashboards

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