Preparing your association for trending technology: system integration

How integrations with your association management software can improve the member experience.

As for-profit companies provide more connected experiences, your members expect the same in more areas of their lives – including their experiences with your association. Here’s how you can start to deliver a more seamless member experience for your members through system integrations.

When you think about delivering a great member experience, your first thought might not be about integrating your technology systems. But system integration is more important to your association than you might think.

The Enterprise Technology Trends report from Salesforce includes system integration as a key trend impacting enterprise IT leaders. The report found that 69 percent of IT leaders say lack of integration causes disconnected customer experiences at their company. Fifty-five percent say system integration is a high priority.

That’s significant. Especially when you also consider this finding from the Salesforce State of the Connected Customer research: 70 percent of customers consider connected experiences – such as seamless handoffs between departments, and contextualized engagement based on earlier interactions – as very important for winning their business.

Nearly half of members say the typical content they receive from their professional member organization is not personalized.

Why associations should concern themselves with system integration

Those same consumers who are looking for a connected experience are also your members and prospective members. As for-profit companies provide more connected experiences, your members expect the same in more areas of their lives – including their experiences with your association.

The Community Brands Member Loyalty Study underscores the importance of providing members with the connected experience they’ve come to expect. Consider these findings from the report:

  • Only 55 percent of members feel a connection to their professional membership organization.
  • One of the top reasons members decide not to renew is centered around the organization providing too little perceived value.
  • Nearly half of members say the typical content they receive from their professional member organization is not personalized.

So, how do you deliver the experience your members have come to expect? It starts with integrated technology systems.

What can integrated systems help your association do?

Integrating your systems delivers more than just efficiency and convenience (though, those benefits are important, too). By integrating the technology you rely on for things like membership management, learning management, event management, and career services, you can support a great experience throughout the lifetime member journey.

Here are some examples of system integration points and how they can help your association deliver a connected member experience:

Association Management Software (AMS) + Career Center

  • Member prospect lists – Non-members who visit your job board and register or sign up for job alerts are automatically delivered to your AMS as a list of new member prospects for your use in new member marketing and acquisition efforts.
  • Intelligent job recommendations – Members can opt in to receive intelligent job recommendations, based on their AMS member profile data, such as job title and location, giving them the ability to passively search for new career opportunities.
  • Additional stored member activity – Member activity on your job board is captured and stored within the member’s AMS record, giving you additional data and insights to drive more informed member marketing efforts. Learn more about career center solutions on Community Brands.

AMS + Event Services

  • Intelligent session recommendations – Recommend additional sessions and products for purchase during online registration, based on the event attendee’s interest areas, job title, and/or membership level.
  • Additional stored member activity – Record session attendance in registration records for use in targeted marketing campaigns, awarding education credits, and gaining deeper insight into member interests.
  • Attendee behavior – Understand how attendees move through your event, assess session success and popularity, and know which vendors they visited.

Career Center + Learning Management System (LMS)

  • Intelligent course recommendations – Your job board visitors see relevant jobs and popular, relevant, or recommended courses offered by your association that will help them become qualified for those jobs.
  • Member acquisition – Non-members visiting your job board receive recommendations for courses and continuing education tied back to your association’s learning offerings, which also gives you opportunities for new learner and member acquisition.
  • Intelligent job recommendations – Members and non-members browsing your LMS course menu are presented with real and relevant job opportunities they would be qualified for if they took your suggested courses or learning paths. Upon exiting courses or receiving certifications, learners are presented with job opportunities they are qualified for as a result of their new competencies or credentials. Learn more about learning management solutions on Community Brands.

Event Solutions + LMS

  • Attendance and education credit tracking – Track session attendance at in-person events and immediately record attendance on each learner’s dashboard. Also, award education credits, based on attendance and track course history across virtual and in-person events.
  • Session recording delivery – Easily deliver recordings to attendees who registered for in-person events by deploying session recording access to all attendees through automatic LMS updates.


  • Synced profiles – Learners seamlessly navigate from your website to your e-learning catalog to your member page. Any updates to user data automatically sync across your AMS and LMS.
  • Progress tracking – Automatically track learner progress through quizzes, assessments, checkpoints, attendance, scores, and completions along with credits earned. The data is shared through both systems, providing members more insight into their learning path through their AMS member profile.

Take the next step toward system integration

The right technology can make system integration a snap. Community Brands offers AMS solutions including Nimble AMS, as well as career center and LMS solutions, that are part of its integrated software suite for associations. That means the products work better together to help you deliver a connected member experience.

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