How to get started with artificial intelligence and predictive analytics for your association

Matt Rist

January 13, 2022

    Artificial intelligence and predictive analytics have a lot to offer associations. 

    Here are some tips on how to get started with them for your organization. We also have a 20 minute deep-dive webinar on the topic you can register for here.

    If you read this blog, you’ve probably come across articles about artificial intelligence and predictive analytics for associations. And for good reason: They have a lot to offer associations.  

    I recently wrote about why 2022 is the year to get started with artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive analytics for your association and also what AI and predictive analytics can do for your association 

    To summarize, modern technology now makes it easier than ever for associations to create deeper relationships with people by predicting their interests and behavior, and providing them with relevant content and offers that boost engagement and lead to greater sales and loyalty. Some specific examples of what you can do with AI and predictive analytics include: 

    • Delivering better customer service, more efficiently, by using chat bots.
    • Helping members find answers by predicting what information they might be seeking, and then proactively sending them personalized content to answer their questions even before they ask.
    • Boosting revenue by predicting which members are most likely to want to access your programs so you can plan more targeted marketing for those programs.
    • Driving more revenue by cross-selling your products in a targeted way based on members’ previous purchases and interests. 

    How to get started with AI and predictive analytics for associations
    Once you recognize the potential benefits of AI and predictive analytics for your association, the next step is to get started. It might seem daunting, but here are some simple things you can begin doing right away: 

    • Think about the “why”. 
      Predictive analytics and AI are tools to help you accomplish jobs that need to be done. So, start by thinking about key initiatives for your organization and what one goal you want to accomplish. For example, if member retention is a strategic initiative for your organization, then consider using predictive analytics technology to predict who is at risk for non-renewal and how you can head off the lapse before it happens.
    • Review your data and how it will be used. 
      Data fuels predictive analytics, so it needs to be as complete and clean as possible. If your organization is like many, you have a lot of data that is incomplete or not used in any way. For each piece of data in your association management software (AMS) system, determine if it is still valid (for example, do you really need to know each member’s birthday?) and how it will be used. Archive or delete the data based upon this assessment so that the data remaining is relevant and current.
    • Consider what tools you have.
      Many AMS solutions and other products have some type of predictive analytics and AI functionality built in. Talk to your software vendors about what types of capabilities they have and how they can help you use it. For example, Nimble AMS Predictions in Nimble AMS uses the AI technology, Salesforce Einstein, to make it easy for associations to get started with AI. Using Nimble AMS Predictions, your association can: 
    • Become more proactive. Predict member behavior and use those insights to get in front of issues before they happen and deliver more of what your members want. ​
    • Take the guesswork out of predictive analytics. Nimble AMS takes the uncertainty, helping you determine what member behavior to monitor and providing a dashboard to help you monitor progress and success.
    • Be a trailblazing organization. Nimble AMS is the tool you need to be successful with predictive analytics. 
    • Start small (but get started). 
      Trying a few smaller projects is a great way to get started. For example, use predictive analytics to determine which members are most likely to attend a particular course or certification that your organization offers. Then, set up a two- or three-email automated campaign to promote those offerings to those members. 

    Your first few projects might not be perfect, and that’s ok. That’s how you’ll learn what works and make improvements over time.

    Learn more about AI and predictive analytics for associations
    Find out more about how AI and predictive analytics can help your association deliver more targeted messages, plan more successful programs, and provide better overall service for your members. register for the 20 minute webinar: Deep-dive Demo: Nimble AMS Predictions

    Learn how to work smarter, not harder.

    Join our 20 minute deep-dive demo into Nimble AMS Predictions. Wednesday, January 19 at 11:30 am ET.

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