Sizzling Summer release from Nimble AMS

Tirrah Switzer

June 14, 2021

    The season of flip-flops, BBQs, and out-of-the-office autoresponders has officially arrived. After a year of over-the-top value, reimagined events, and new programming, your team deserves some rest and relaxation.

    The Summer ’21 release is all about YOU – our Nimble AMS users. Every feature in this release will help you have more efficient and productive processes so you can focus on delivering even more member value. Here’s what Nimble AMS customers can expect with Summer ’21 release.

    What’s to come in Nimble AMS Summer ’21

    Proforma membership billing – Staff view

    Up your membership best practices game with proforma membership billing. Proforma Orders will help streamline your billing operations by reducing friction between staff, accounting, and constituents. It allows your association to create estimated orders that do not have any accounting impact (GL entries) and share these with prospective buyers.

    Once the commitment to payment is made or the payment is made, proforma order can be committed to a regular order to generate all the required accounting entries. (Share this with your accounting department and you’ll have them jumping for joy.)

    Simple flexible payments

    Member demographics are changing. Community Brands research found that the members who are most engaged today are younger and diverse. We have also seen a large increase in engagement from mid-careerists.

    Today, Gen Z is your student and early careerists, Millennials are your mid to late careerists. These members expect their e-commerce experiences to mirror consumer experiences and that’s why we made a number of exciting enhancements to flexible payments to make it even easier for members to pay.

    Health dashboard

    Nimble AMS follows Salesforce’s product upgrade model and release schedule. When Salesforce releases a new version to all customers, Nimble AMS does too, three times a year, for more than a decade. That’s a lot of product innovation and enhancements to keep up with.

    We want to help you maximize your success with Nimble AMS. At a quick glance, the health dashboard will let you know what features and functionality you are utilizing or not along with easy access to your next steps to enable the features you need.

    Build excitement and successfully launch your online community

    Download this guide to ensure you’re sending the right types of communication at the right time, and even get email copy inspiration from the included examples and templates.

    Pathable integration

    As we move towards the second half of 2021 and look ahead, associations are planning virtual, hybrid, and in-person events. Organizers and planners are thinking about their specific event needs and goals and how to provide value to attendees and sponsors. An integration between Nimble AMS and Pathable will enable you to collect data efficiently and simplify the event planning process.

    Crowd Wisdom LMS

    Training and certification are two of the most important benefits to members. With more associations engaging members in a variety of year-round learning opportunities to address members’ budgets, schedules, educational and certification needs, and learning preferences, the Crowd Wisdom integration just got better.

    A deeper integration between Nimble AMS and Crowd Wisdom LMS will save precious staff time. Enter learning courses into Nimble AMS, while also populating within the Crowd Wisdom learning module to avoid duplicative work. Manage edits and updates to your courses from Nimble AMS, and automatically push these changes to Crowd Wisdom, alleviating the need for duplicate data-entry efforts.

    NEW NimbleLand

    The power of community has never been more important. Just like your members, you need a community of like-minded professionals to collaborate and engage with. NimbleLand has received a make-over and a new NimbleLand is ready for you to collaborate with fellow Nimble AMS users. Log in and discuss software best practices, hear what’s new and (what’s coming) in Nimble AMS, and share ideas with like-minded professionals.

    In the Summer ‘21 release, a couple of features (which were introduced in previous releases) have been promoted out of Pilot/Beta status and are available for all customers to enable. These features include:

      • Lightening cross-sell
      • Developer success kit
      • Simple flexible payments

    Beat the heat with a cool Summer’21 release of Nimble AMS. To learn more about all this release offers, check out the release notes on the Help Site.

    Learn more about Nimble AMS, the only AMS with every customer on the same version.

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