Partnering with Salesforce and our customers for a better experience

Matt Rist, Senior Director of Product

May 26, 2021

    My Nimble AMS colleague recently wrote an article on this blog about what it’s like for associations to work with the Nimble AMS team. She wrote it from the perspective of how our consultant team partners with customers during the implementation process. It’s a good read.

    As a member of the product team at Nimble AMS, it got me thinking about what our team does to work with customers after the implementation of the product.

    Of course, every software vendor says they focus on customers. They work closely and collaborate with customers. They value their customers’ success. Etc., etc.

    So, I thought I’d share some specific ways we work closely with Salesforce and with our customers to give our customers a great experience with Nimble AMS.

    Watching what Salesforce is doing

    Because Nimble AMS is built on the Salesforce platform, we continually spend time keeping tabs on what Salesforce is doing with the platform. We watch their alerts and figure out how we and our customers should address any changes that might be coming.

    This is important because a lot of changes happen in Salesforce as they roll out upgrades three times each year. That’s one of the great things about using an association management software (AMS) system built on the Salesforce platform because you’re always using the latest technology. But the changes do require some attention.

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    We watch for any changes that will have an impact on our customers. We then determine the impact and reach out to customers to make sure they know the changes are coming. We help them determine if they need to do something simple on their end to accommodate the change, or we make suggestions about what we can do to help them to address the change.

    Here are two recent examples:

    • Salesforce announced a release of enhanced security measures that would restrict guest users’ ability to edit and delete records. We proactively notified our clients and offered to work directly with them to audit their guest permissions – not only in Nimble AMS, but in all of their related solutions – so they would be ready for the security update.
    • Salesforce made a change in their Lightning design system to refer to CSS syntax with one dash instead of two. Our development team recognized that they could write a script to automatically fix this syntax change throughout our customers’ solutions, and we offered to run this script for our customers.

    And here’s how we take this a step further: We align with the Salesforce value of putting trust at the forefront of our customer relationships. That’s why we always make sure customers are aware of any changes we identify, and we get their permission and coordinate on timing before making changes.

    One of our clients shared their experience in working with the Nimble AMS team:

    “Moving to Nimble AMS has made my job so much easier. It also gives us more insight into our data to help us make better business decisions. The product is so flexible, and there’s so much we’re able to do ourselves. At the same time, the service we get from the Nimble AMS team is unmatched – it feels like we have a whole extra team behind us.”

    Courtney Patterson, Senior Director, Information Management and Constituent Experience, NASPA 

    Collaborating with Salesforce

    As a Salesforce partner, we have access to Salesforce staff. That means we connect with them to verify the impact to our customers of any changes coming in the Salesforce platform. We also ask detailed questions and work through any customer issues. And our Salesforce team helps us connect to subject matter experts inside of Salesforce when needed to ensure we’re following up appropriately to provide a smooth experience for our Nimble AMS customers.

    Over the years, these connections have helped us keep our finger on the pulse of what’s going on at Salesforce. They help us adopt best practices from Salesforce for our customers. And they even give us the opportunity to provide input and feedback to Salesforce.

    Monitoring for issues

    Outside of our partnership with Salesforce, we run regular automated tests to watch for any potential issues in our clients’ solutions. When we find an issue, we proactively notify our clients. Our customers can then let us know if they would like us to look into the issue further. This is particularly helpful for customers who are doing their own product configurations because we can notify them of anything we uncover that they might not be aware of and that might become an issue down the road.

    To the Nimble AMS team, customer success is about more than just lip service. It means understanding what you’re trying to accomplish and working with you as a partner to help you get there.

    Learn more about how Nimble AMS and Salesforce work together to provide the best solution for your association.

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