How to support member pain points with Nimble AMS

Your member support team works hard every day to support your members. When you choose innovative association management software, like Nimble AMS, you can streamline processes for your support team so they can spend more time focusing on your members and not manual, time-consuming tasks.  
Here’s why Nimble AMS is the best software solution for your staff.  

Four ways Nimble AMS empowers your member support team  

Help your member support team better assist your members, by offering innovative software solutions, like the following:

1. Chatbots
Empower your member support team with Nimble AMS chatbots by streamlining crucial aspects of your member services and answering frequently asked questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With chatbots, you make staff processes more efficient, and by answering questions immediately, your association provides a superior member experience.

2. Automation (Salesforce Flows)
With Nimble AMS automation (also known as Salesforce Flows) your member support team can streamline manual and repetitive membership tasks, freeing them to work on higher-value work. Salesforce Flows are simple to create with point-and-click actions, require no code to build, and are up and running within minutes. Best of all, Salesforce Flows are user-friendly, meaning staff won’t need to call your tech vendor to make changes or additions.

3.Nimble AMS Lightning Store
The Nimble AMS Lightning Store will save your member support team time while also driving non-dues revenue to your association. The Nimble AMS Lightning Store offers a modern e-commerce experience to both your staff and members.

Your support team can leverage automated abandoned cart reminders to prompt members to return to forgotten purchases, driving non-dues revenue, while requiring less staff work. Adopt the Nimble AMS Lightning Cross Sell feature to highlight related merchandise for members and encourage a personalized shopping experience. This feature will drive even more revenue to your organization without adding time to employees’ schedules.

4. Community Hub
Save your member support team time and effort with Nimble AMS Community Hub, the constituent-facing member portal. With Community Hub, members can update important information like passwords and profile information, all without involving your busy staff. Community Hub provides a user-friendly experience, allowing an individual to personalize their member journey, while still ensuring your platform is secure. 

Learn more tips about how to support member pain points

Discover how innovative software like Nimble AMS can empower your member support team so they can offer a superior member experience. Download our free infographic today for more tips!

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