3 Million Installs – How the Appexchange Has Redefined Association Management Software

Sig VanDamme – Founder

Today Salesforce is celebrating 3 million installs from the Salesforce Appexchange.

At Nimble AMS we are very proud that Nimble AMS is one of the thousands of apps that are available on the worlds leading cloud application marketplace (Nimble AMS Appexchange Listing).  ​

Redefining Association Software

The Salesforce Platform and the Salesforce Appexchange have helped us to solve some of the most pressing issues in Association Management Software including:

  • Painless Upgrades.  Upgrades have always been a huge and costly pain point for associations.  With legacy AMS software associations often waited years between upgrades and then paid thousands of dollars (sometimes tens or hundred of thousand dollars) to upgrade. Often the upgrade caused issues. With Nimble AMS, we have leveraged the Salesforce platform to deliver 3 major upgrades every year at no cost and with no issues.  In addition Salesforce itself has 3 major releases per year.
  • Continuous Innovation.  Salesforce spent 700+ Million dollars on R&D last year and this innovation investment is leveraged by Nimble AMS and all of our customers. Our customers are now able to deliver member value at a pace that was previously impossible.
  • Extensibility.  From Pop-up utilities to Email Marketing apps, we have implemented a wide variety of AppExchange apps into our customers’ organizations – here is just a small sampling of some the apps used by our customers.
  • Performance and Scalability.  The Salesforce Platform processes Billions of transactions every day and it does each of them in in about 2/10s of a second. That is true cloud computing at scale. (See http://trust.salesforce.com/trust/status/ to see transaction counts and response times).

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