3 member mistakes and how your association can avoid them

To deliver a great member experience, you must keep mistakes to a minimum.   

Here are some common mistakes and how to avoid them using a modern association management software (AMS) system.

1. Not personalizing member communications. 
Sending generic member emails does nothing to show members you understand and care about their needs. But sending targeted, personalized communications does.

Personalize the member experience by presenting your members with content that is specific to their needs and interests. You’ll win them over again and again by demonstrating that you understand them and that you’re working to deliver value to them.

Here are some examples:

  • Smart, automated email marketing – Set up personalized, automated emails for everything from membership renewals to alerts about upcoming events. Build personalized member journeys so your members will receive relevant messages based on the action they take (or don’t take) on each email.
  • Engaging and personalized e-commerce – Provide your members with a dynamic, personalized shopping experience that they can access via any device. Give them a central location where they can manage their account, renew their membership, view and purchase merchandise and learning products, register for events, and make donations – all within a familiar online shopping experience. 

2. Not anticipating member needs.
Reacting to members once they come to you with a question or issue – or worse, when they fail to renew – represents a minimum level of service. But you can take the personalized member experience to the next level by using artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive analytics to anticipate member needs and present them with solutions and options. 

Here are some examples:

  • Tie in email automation and AI to your ecommerce experience to do things like suggest items that might interest members based on their past activity and ask if they have questions about items in their shopping cart.
  • Help members find answers by predicting the answers they’re looking for, and providing that information proactively. For example, using a chatbot, you could proactively field frequently asked questions such as someone looking to make a donation. 
  • As members get closer to their renewal date, use predictive analytics to uncover which members are at risk of lapsing, and then send them an automated, personalized renewal email series to remind them of benefits they’ve taken advantage of, remind them of benefits that they haven’t taken advantage of (but still have time to), and let them know about upcoming events and opportunities they’ll miss if they don’t renew.

3. Not knowing your members.
You can’t personalize member communications or employ AI and predictive analytics effectively if you have outdated data.

Use integrations to bring data together from your multiple systems. Also, be sure to ask members for their most recent information, and even allow them to update their own data through a member portal. Plus, be sure to regularly audit your data to keep it clean and organized.

TIP: A modern AMS system like Nimble AMS helps you collect and manage member data in one place so you can easily keep member data updated and secureYou can even allow members to update their own information through an online member portal. 

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