How to provide the personalized experience your members expect

Your members’ last great online experience is their new expectation. Is your association keeping up?

Here’s how to catch up with member expectations – no Amazon-sized staff or budget required.

Here’s something to think about: Your members’ last great online experience is their new expectation. So, even if their last experience was with a personalization powerhouse like Amazon or Netflix (highly likely), that experience sets the bar for their experience with your association.

The Community Brands Digital Evolution Study shows that 79 percent of members say it is very or somewhat important that their organization provide targeted, valuable content. The same study shows that only 18 percent of those working at professional membership organizations say they personalize the content members see.

This disconnect points to one thing: It’s time for associations to catch up with member expectations. And, the good news is that your association doesn’t need an Amazon-sized staff or budget to do it.

Personalized experiences created by your AMS

Using a platform-based AMS, associations can personalize the member experience in multiple ways. For example:

Live chat

Almost 80 percent of consumers prefer live chats versus phone calls. To give members what they want from the very beginning, consider adding a live chat option to your association’s website. And with most offices still closed, live chat gives your members a way to reach you immediately when you are unable to be near the office phone.

Smart, automated email marketing

Set up personalized, automated emails for everything from membership renewals to alerts about upcoming events. Ready to take it up a notch? Build personalized member journeys so your members will receive relevant messages based on the action they take (or don’t take) on each email.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the concept of artificial intelligence and figuring out how to bring it to your association. Choosing innovative and modern association technology is key. For example, powered by Salesforce Einstein AI technology, Nimble AMS makes it easy for associations to predict and respond to what members need, want, and expect.

One Nimble AMS customer is even using AI to increase member retention by identifying individuals likely to lapse. The opportunities for associations are out there, but you’ll need the right technology to make it happen.

Engaging and personalized e-commerce

Provide your members with a dynamic, personalized shopping experience that they can access via any device. Give them a central location where they can manage their account, renew their membership, view and purchase merchandise and learning products, register for events, and make donations – all within a familiar online shopping experience.

You can also tie in email automation and AI-enhanced ecommerce to do things like suggest items that might interest them base on their past activity and ask if they have questions about items in their shopping cart.

Learn more

Are you incorporating personalization into your member marketing and communications plans?

Learn more about the importance of personalization for associations and how Nimble AMS can help you deliver the great experience your members expect.

Watch the on-demand webinar, Personalize the Member Experience with Nimble AMS.

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