Differences between AMS and CRM software for associations

Association management software (AMS) and customer relationship management (CRM) software—if your association is searching for new technology, you’ve likely seen and heard these technological terms. But do you know the differences between these software and why they’re so valuable to your organization? 
Our blog is here to help with a complete explanation of the differences between AMS and CRM technology, how the platforms pair together, and the benefits for your association. 

What is customer relationship management (CRM)?

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is a data driven tool that streamlines your customer relationships. A CRM lets you track customer interactions, manage relationships with prospects, and ultimately gives a bird’s eye view of your data.

Associations can leverage CRM software to enhance customer or member relationships. Organizations that choose a CRM invest for the following functionalities:   

  • Lead management 
  • Contact management 
  • Reports and analytics 
  • Process automation 
  • Artificial intelligence

What is association management software (AMS)?

Association management software (AMS) is technology that can manage all aspects of your membership, helping you recruit, engage, and retain members. Your organization can also use an AMS to help set up, manage, and run webinars, conferences, and events. An AMS assists in data management and reporting, optimizing sales and marketing efforts, and streamlining member payments and e-commerce initiatives. 

If your organization wants to improve staff processes, enhance the member experience, and boost your ROI, choosing an AMS will give you a competitive edge. Associations that choose an AMS invest for the following functionalities:   

  • Membership data management 
  • Online member portal 
  • Online member community platform 
  • Financial management for membership dues, e-commerce fees, and donations 
  • Certification management for professional development and learning programs 
  • Association tools and templates for reports, dashboards, email communications, and other processes

Why your association needs both CRM and AMS functionality  

Did you know that CRM and AMS pair together to offer great benefits to your organization? If you choose an AMS built on a CRM, your association can leverage a unique combination of features and solutions to help you enhance the member experience, streamline staff processes, and meet (and exceed) your organizational goals. The combination of AMS + CRM can also empower you to become a data-driven organization.

If your association chose an AMS built on a CRM, here are some of the features you could expect: 

  • Achieve membership goals. Leverage artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to increase membership. Predict which member benefits will increase membership and highlight those benefits in automated email marketing campaigns. Reduce membership lapses by leveraging past member data to predict if a member is unlikely to renew, and then intervene before losing the membership.
  • Increase efficiency. Utilize process automation to reduce the burden of manual tasks and save staff time and effort. Automate email communications to members based on their actions, like registering for an event or paying dues. Streamline reports to be sent automatically by email to executive leaders and board members, ensuring everyone stays updated on important tasks.
  • Become data-driven. With an AMS built on a CRM, you’ll be able to leverage analytics solutions to offer a better member experience and grow your organization. Leverage your data to deliver a personalized member experience and improve engagement. You can also provide members with more benefits, products, and content to boost retention and loyalty.  

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Learn more about the benefits of CRM + AMS for your association   

Now you know the differences between association management software and customer relationship management software. Choosing an AMS built on a CRM can offer your organization countless organizational benefits.

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