How to elevate your member experience by integrating an AMS and LMS

Is your association looking for tips to boost membership recruitment and retention and drive a superior member experience? It might be time to invest in your learning program. An association that becomes the go-to continuing education provider in their industry is more likely to see a boost in year-over-year attendance.

We’re here to help your organization connect members with learning opportunities that exceed their expectations. Read on for strategies to elevate your member experience by integrating innovative technology. 

Why your association should invest in its learning program

Did you know that your association’s learning program is one of your top member benefits? Community Brands Research discovered that 47% of association members identified certifications and credentials as their most important member benefit. Additionally, within the top five reasons a member joins an association are certifications, credentials, and training opportunities.

When you invest in your learning program, you can ensure both members and non-members select your association for their continuing education and certification needs. Become the go-to learning provider in your industry by integrating innovative technology like association management software (AMS) and learning management software (LMS).  

3 benefits of a Nimble AMS and Crowd Wisdom LMS integration

Now that you know how much members value continuing education, it’s time to take your learning program from good to great. Guarantee both non-members and members turn to your learning program for certifications and training opportunities by choosing innovative technology like Nimble AMS.

With Nimble AMS, you can elevate the member experience by personalizing learning. Further enhance your member’s learning experience by integrating Nimble AMS with robust learning management software (LMS).

Choose Nimble AMS for these top three learning program benefits:

1. An elevated member experience. When your organization leverages Nimble AMS, you’ll discover user-friendly options and an improved member experience. Nimble AMS makes it easy to streamline course registration and sync credit completion. Members can easily confirm the status of their certifications and enroll in a continuing education course.

Boost member engagement and retention when you leverage Nimble Communities, the Nimble AMS builtin, online community. Enhance a member’s learning experience by creating course discussion groups and promoting virtual networking opportunities. Consider creating virtual learning cohorts so members completing the same certification can discuss the program and foster learning.

2. Modern e-commerce to personalize learning. With Nimble AMS, you’ll have modern e-commerce offerings to keep your learning program top of mind and drive non-dues revenue. For example, staff can send automated cart reminders when members forget to purchase a learning course.

Nimble AMS also makes it easy to personalize the member experience by offering cross-sell options. When a member takes a course, Nimble AMS can help to suggest similar courses to keep members engaged in your learning program and drive non-dues revenue. With Nimble AMS, you can ensure your members don’t miss out on learning opportunities and your organization doesn’t miss out on non-dues revenue.

3. Increased integration options. Choosing Nimble AMS offers many integration opportunities with a modern LMS like Crowd Wisdom. When you integrate Nimble AMS with Crowd Wisdom, you can enhance your learning program with dedicated learning software. Drive a superior member experience when you select an LMS, like Crowd Wisdom, that personalizes member options.  
Additionally, when you integrate Nimble AMS you’ll ensure all your member data is updated in a single location, eliminating data silos. Integration also guarantees your employees have a complete picture of a member’s learning experience.  

See the powerful integration of Nimble AMS and Crowd Wisdom LMS in action

Discover the benefits of a Nimble AMS and Crowd Wisdom LMS integration with the on-demand webinar: Elevate your CE Program with a Nimble AMS & Crowd Wisdom LMS Integration.

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