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In your Association’s Race For Relevance you will need to “invest heavily into using technology to attract and service the most creative and valuable members of their membership”. The foundation of this investment is the platform that the Association Management System (AMS) is built on.  

What technology are you going to invest in? Your AMS is the heart of your organization and the foundation of all other technology initiatives. Our technology future is clearly with cloud enterprise platforms – make sure your foundation is built on an enterprise platform.

Know These 4 Facts When Selecting Your Next AMS Platform:


A Modern Platform can Attract and Retain Millennials 
Millennials (who will comprise 75% of the workforce by 2025) expect their work systems to be as good or better than what they see in their personal apps. A modern, fully mobile, state of the art AMS built on a true enterprise platform like Salesforce will help you attract and retain a top-notch workforce. ​


A Modern Platform Can Move IT From Break/Fix to Strategist
Do you want your IT department to be in the never ending break/fix cycle of upgrades, patches, and hardware replacement, or do you want IT to strategically move your organization forward thru technology? A platform like Salesforce will free IT from the mundane to deliver strategic value to your organization and its members.

“It is huge to not have to spend tens of thousands of dollars so that things don’t break with every upgrade. I can now spend money on items that add member value. It’s liberating.”
– Bruce Moe, Executive Director, Missouri State Teachers Association


  1. A Modern Platform Will Ignite Your Organization’s Innovation
    The extensibility and configurability of Association Management Software built on a true enterprise cloud platform like Salesforce will empower your team to quickly respond to member needs to ignite that critical member passion and connection.  ​

  2. Enterprise CRM Is Critical to Knowing Your Members
    In your organization Race For Relevance it is critically important to have a deep understanding of your constituents and that is what CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platforms offer.  ​

Your platform decision is a big one and will be instrumental in the success or failure of your organization.”
– Joe Klimek, President (former Non-Profit CFO), NimbleUser

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