The benefits of working with a selection consultant to find your next AMS

The road to new association management software (AMS) isn’t always a straight one. Often, the road is winding, filled with challenges and opportunities for your organization to grow.

Your association can more easily navigate the ups and downs of your technology adoption when you leverage an AMS selection consultant. A consultant can help you identify your organization’s unique needs and determine the best AMS vendor to meet your software requirements.   

4 ways AMS selection consultants can help your organization find the best technology

As your organization prepares for your new AMS, you’ll need to thoroughly research potential software solutions and present to your board a compelling case for why you need new technology. Working with an AMS selection consultant helps to simplify this process, offering numerous benefits.   
Here are four ways an AMS selection consultant can help your association find the right AMS:

1. Discover your AMS musthaves. Working with an experienced consultant can help your association find the best AMS for your staff and members. An AMS consultant can gather information from your leaders and employees, helping you better understand your goals for your next AMS.

Your consultant might help you identify the answers to these questions:

  • What does your organization hope to achieve with a new AMS?
  • What problems are you hoping to solve with new technology?
  • How should your new AMS support your mission and goals?
  • What does your ideal AMS vendor look like?

When you work with a consultant to identify your software needs and goals, you’ll be well-positioned to find the right AMS vendor.

2. Help ask AMS vendors tough questions. After you have a clear sense of your software needs, an AMS selection consultant will help you determine the best software vendor to meet the criteria. Attempting this process independently can be time-consuming and challenging for your staff. However, an AMS selection consultant will have a process to examine your requirements and find the best technology match for your association.

A consultant can also assist with checking AMS vendor references, ensuring your organization does its due diligence and identifies the best customer-vendor relationship. Working with an AMS consultant will ensure you talk to the right individuals in the vendor industry. You will also be equipped with a list of high-quality questions, sure to be invaluable as you determine the best AMS for your organization. Finally, a consultant can help you evaluate the AMS vendor responses, assisting you as you make an informed decision.

3. Offer industry insights into the best software. AMS selection consultants are experts in their field. They know all there is to know about the latest technology offerings from the most innovative AMS vendors. AMS selection consultants attend software demos, go to user groups, and have extensive product knowledge to guide your organization’s software search.

Additionally, consultants have relationships with all the leading AMS vendors and their sales teams. This extensive knowledge can be invaluable as your association considers its technological requirements and as you begin planning your AMS RFP.

4. Prepare your organization for the unexpected. When you work with an AMS consultant, they will help your association anticipate potential challenges. A consultant can provide a vital framework for the AMS adoption process.

They can also offer facilitation and decision-making tools to ensure your entire staff feels heard, helping you work towards organizational consensus. This groundwork can empower you to establish a culture of change management at your organization, preparing you to adopt a new AMS and guiding you throughout your implementation. 

Learn more about finding the right AMS for your association

There are many benefits to working with an AMS selection consultant as you prepare to purchase new technology. Discover even more about selecting and purchasing an innovative AMS when you read our free whitepaper: Four factors to consider when searching for the right AMS.

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