How to approach your association’s board for new AMS tech

It’s time for your organization to purchase new association management software (AMS). You know it. Others at your association know it. But before you can move ahead in your search, evaluation, purchase, and implementation of new AMS technology, you still need one thing: board approval.

Gaining board approval for new AMS tech requires you to make a strong business case. Creating a business case requires you to review your organizational goals and challenges and the potential benefits a new software solution can provide.

Read our blog for four tips to ensure your AMS tech pitch appeals to your individual board member’s roles and concerns.

How to target your AMS tech messaging for board approval


Within the business case, you can refine your messaging so that it appeals to each board member’s role and area of expertise. Here are some examples of how you can speak to each of your board members effectively, addressing their expertise:

1. Executive. Most of your board members will look at the big picture and need to know how the AMS investment will help the entire organization. Be sure to include examples of how the new AMS technology will empower staff. Does the AMS create staff efficiencies through process automation that streamlines manual processes?  Does it help staff make more informed business decisions through user-friendly reports and dashboards?

Your entire board will want to work more efficiently and effectively. Let them know that modern AMS technology can help them too. Consider explaining how an online community platform can help board members connect.  With online community functionality, you can set up a virtual group for board members so they can:

  • Connect, share updates, and make decisions.
  • Share documents, such as meeting minutes.
  • Share feedback on important issues affecting the organization.

2. IT. The IT professionals on your board are focused on minimizing risk and ensuring compliance. Let them know how new technology can help your organization keep member information secure and backed up while ensuring the organization complies with data privacy regulations.

Also, inform your board that using modern AMS technology provides the following benefits:

  • Continuous software upgrades guarantee your association will always have the latest technology with painless updates.
  • With seamless upgrades, your organization will have the benefit of always being on the same version of the product as everyone else.
  • A Known Issues List to increase visibility about any current challenges faced across the system and the ability to see if it affects your organization.

3. Finance. No surprise here: The finance professionals on your board are focused on numbers. To speak to their concerns, mention that a modern cloud-based AMS system can reduce the total cost of ownership and simplify budgeting because software fees are paid annually. Upgrades are included in the price of the software with no periodic added fees for technology updates.

Additionally, talk about how new AMS technology can help you increase revenue through activities such as:

Also, inform board members that a modern AMS will give you accurate revenue reports and dashboards to properly record your data. You will also have advanced accounting functionality that meets FASB regulations and PCI compliance.  

4. Membership. The membership professionals on your board are focused on ensuring your organization is well-positioned to recruit, engage, and retain members. Show them how new technology can help your organization drive a superior member experience with the following features:

Learn more tips about purchasing new AMS technology

To discover even more about the research, evaluation, purchase, and implementation of new AMS technology, check out our free guide: The essential RFP checklist for new association management software.

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