How to identify areas for organizational innovation at your association

Are you ready to identify areas for organizational innovation at your association, but aren’t sure where to start? You’re not alone! Many organizations wonder if the time is right to embrace technological innovation like association management software (AMS) to streamline staff processes and offer a superior member experience.  
If you’re unsure about how to begin embracing innovation at your association, follow the tips in our blog to guide your decision-making process.

Six tips to start embracing organizational innovation

If you want to improve your association, you’ll need to be open to innovation. The best way to embrace technological innovation is to begin identifying areas for improvement at your organization.

Consider the following areas where your association can innovate:  

1. Association culture. Do your leaders enact new initiatives? Are they ready to listen to your members and act on feedback? Do your leaders listen to staff feedback and foster staff training? Does your staff have the bandwidth to effectively complete tasks and try new ideas?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, these are all great places to begin innovating in your association culture.

2. Reporting. Are your current technology solutions offering adequate reporting capabilities for your staff? Does your association management software (AMS) offer user-friendly dashboards for streamlined reporting purposes?

If not, consider embracing technological innovation, like a modern AMS, at your organization.

3. Member engagement. How do your members connect with your association? Do they attend networking events, continuing education programs, or seek out career resources?

Examine your data to see how easy it is to track member relationships across your technology integrations—it might prove to be an opportunity to innovate.

4. Daily operations. Do your staff spend countless hours tied up in mundane tasks like data entry or sending email reminders?

Search for a modern AMS that leverages technological innovation like automation, so staff can streamline daily operations.  

The American Society for the Surgery of the Hand (ASSH) chose Nimble AMS to streamline staff and member processes. With the point-and-click workflows builder, ASSH automated hundreds of processes and saved countless staff hours.

5. Integration of technology solutions. Does your AMS seamlessly integrate with your career center, event technology, and learning management software (LMS)?

If not, it’s likely time to innovate. Look for software that offers easy integration options, so staff never misplace member data.

6. Future proof. Does your current technology leverage artificial intelligence (AI), chatbots, or predictive analytics to empower your association?

Prepare your organization for the future by investing in a modern AMS. By implementing advanced technology, you’ll offer a superior staff and member experience at your association. 

Learn more ways to innovate at your organization

Are you looking for even more ways to leverage technological innovation at your association and provide a better member experience? Take our free Association Innovation Quiz today!

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