The best of Nimble AMS in 2022

Season’s greetings! As we approach the end of 2022, it’s time to reflect on the innovative software solutions that the Nimble AMS team provided the association technology community. As we enter 2023, know that our team is planning for the new year and is always considering how we can best provide a superior software experience for member-based organizations like yours.  

Please, join our team as we remember the best of Nimble AMS in 2022!  

A message from Nimble AMS General Manager, Rob Miller

“In mid-November, I had the pleasure of traveling to upstate NY to collaborate with the talented Nimble Research & Development and Product Management teams – and it snowed! The holiday season is certainly upon us.

The purpose of the meeting was to solidify our 2023 product strategy and build a roadmap based on industry feedback to make sure we’re helping our clients overcome challenges and uncover opportunities in the year ahead.

I’m proud of our staff and thankful for the support and guidance that our clients and many of you have provided us. We are grateful for the industry and its members we serve, and we look forward to a successful 2023!” — Rob Miller, General Manager of Nimble AMS and Gravitate.

Top Nimble AMS product highlights in 2022 

Every year, Nimble AMS offers three seamless and innovative product releases. 2022 was no exception. Here are the top product releases Nimble AMS offered to its customers:  

  1. Quick buy. In the Nimble AMS Spring, and 30th product release, we launched the quick buy feature. This vital e-commerce feature allows members to purchase products in a single click. Goodbye cart, hello revenue!
  2. Leverage Nimble AMS Chapters. The Summer product release boosted the Nimble AMS Chapters functionality, allowing staff to easily transfer membership for chapter members. With a user-friendly wizard, your staff can have increased chapter management functionality, reducing implementation costs.
  3. Elevate e-commerce. Nimble AMS’ Summer product release supercharged your association’s e-commerce experience with features like buy now, Experience Cloud checkout, and currency display options for international members.
  4. Hello, Canada! In our Winter product release, Nimble AMS had the pleasure of announcing that we can now support associations operating exclusively in Canada. If you have an organization that operates in both Canada and the US, Nimble AMS has the right technology for your staff and members.
  5. GiveSmart integration. We were thrilled to announce our new integration with GiveSmart in our Winter product release! With Nimble AMS and GiveSmart, your association can strengthen its fundraising efforts with software solutions like text-to-give, peer-to-peer fundraising, and event thermometers.
  6. Level up flows. In each product upgrade, our team enhanced flows to ensure your association can automate more tasks to save staff time. Leverage the Flow Builder tool so your staff can take your automation efforts to the next level.

Top Nimble AMS content from 2022 

Throughout 2022, our team provided quality thought-leadership content to keep your association informed in your industry. Here are some content highlights from the year:

1. Generation Z members/young professionals
Is your association hoping to attract more Gen Z members in 2023? Read our whitepaper for essential steps to get started: Six tips to attract younger members to join your association. Download our infographic for tips to engage with Gen Z: Engaging Younger Members. And don’t miss our free toolkit for an essential guide to Generation Z: Association Toolkit | Member Retention & Recruiting.

For even more facts about Gen Z and how to engage with young professionals, check out these trending blogs:  

2. Annual reporting
If you’re looking for content to plan your next annual report, you won’t want to miss our whitepaper for crucial tips: Explore what tech can do for your annual reporting process. Read our blog to make your annual reporting process member-centric: Four tips to make your annual report member-centric.

3. Artificial intelligence
Is your association interested in AI? Check out our whitepaper to learn more: Artificial Intelligence: The essential guide for associations. And be sure to read our blogs to discover what AI can do for your organization: 

4. The Community Brands 2022 Association Trends Study 
Each year, we have the privilege of highlighting the latest Community Brands Association Trends Study. Community Brands research always offers eyeopening trends in what’s driving association professionals and members. Don’t miss the Community Brands 2022 Association Trends Study! 

5. Data security
It’s crucial your association be concerned about data security and protecting your member’s data. Download our whitepaper for your essential guide to data security: How to start securing your association’s data. And don’t miss these helpful blogs on securing your member’s data:  

6. Fundraising and non-dues revenue
If your organization is looking for tips to increase its fundraising efforts and boost non-dues revenue in the new year, have we got some quality content for you! Check out our whitepaper for helpful tips to improve donor stewardship: Explore how to attract new donors and increase non-dues revenue. Download our infographic on fundraising software solutions: Simple ways to meet & exceed your fundraising goals.

And finally, check out these helpful blogs to supercharge your next fundraising campaign:  

7. How to prepare for an AMS implementation
Is your organization preparing to adopt association management software (AMS) in 2023? If so, we’ve got plenty of content to guide you. Download these helpful whitepapers: Bridge the technology gap at your association and 7 questions to ask before purchasing new association management software to get started.

Next, read these trending blogs on how to prepare for your AMS implementation: 

8. Member engagement
Does your organization plan on boosting its member engagement efforts in the coming year? We’ve got the content for you! Check out our whitepapers and infographic spanning various topics on how to help you improve all aspects of your member engagement strategy: 

And don’t miss our top blogs on member engagement:  

9. Member experience
Are you looking for tips to elevate your member experience? Download our whitepapers, Discover six ways powerful tech can elevate member benefits and, Be the best career resource in your industry with Nimble AMS + YM Careers to help guide your association as you upgrade your member benefits. Check out our infographic, Seven ways to lead a more member-centric association for even more tips.

These blogs will offer even more insight into how to provide a superior member experience: 

10. Preparing for digital transformation with innovative technology
Are you making plans for digital transformation at your organization? Continue your research with our helpful whitepapers on innovative technology:  

And don’t miss out on these top-ranking blogs about innovative tech: 

Begin 2023 with the Nimble AMS team

Prepare your organization for the new year by checking out our blog: Six ways to innovate at your association in 2023.

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