How to innovate at your member-based organization in 2023

With 2023 fast approaching, it’s wise to reflect on the state of your association and overall member experience. During the past year, did your organization experience disruption in the form of a shrinking budget or a smaller staff?  
If so, you’re not alone! Many associations experienced challenges in boosting member engagement efforts and providing quality programming. However, not all disruption needs to remain negative. 
Your association can learn from past challenges to adopt innovative strategies and better equip your staff and members for 2023. Here’s how to get started.

How to innovate at your member-based organization in 2023 

To drive innovation within your association, you’ll need to adopt flexible practices across your organization, prioritizing new opportunities to support your staff, members, and key stakeholders with modern association management software (AMS). As you work with your leadership team, stakeholders, staff, and members to build lasting change, you’ll create a vision that propels your association into the future.  
Becoming an innovative organization requires the best AMS to support your strategies and goals. Here are six software solutions your association should prioritize in 2023:

1. Artificial intelligence
Has your organization considered leveraging artificial intelligence (AI)? Regardless of your goals for 2023, AI has the potential to help you exceed member expectations, boost recruitment and retention efforts and alleviate staff stress.

Here are two vital ways AI can help your association innovate in the new year:

  • Offer easy membership renewal. With AI, your association can streamline the membership renewal process by sending automatic reminders to members in danger of lapsing. Choose AI to assist staff as they automate membership dues and process online transactions.
  • Boost membership retention. Selecting AI makes your organization innovative because your staff can leverage member data to predict if an individual is unlikely to renew, then act before losing the membership. When you use AI predictions, you’ll become proactive about member retention, helping you fight churn.

TECH TIP: Choose Nimble AMS, for the powerful combination of Salesforce Einstein AI and Nimble AMS Predictions. Using Nimble AMS Predictions will give your association deep insights into your member data, helping you understand what actions you should take, based on extensive membership reporting options.

2. Online community
Having an online community platform is crucial for boosting innovative inroads with your members. The Community Brands 2022 Association Trends Study found that the first reason members join an association is to network, and the sixth is to socialize.

Increase member engagement with your online community platform by prioritizing the following solutions:

  • Personalized member journeys. Within your online community, offer your members customized content feeds based on their activities and interests. Personalizing member content will keep members engaged and invested in your community.
  • User-friendly community management. With the right tech, make it easy for staff to automate community processes like sorting members into groups and accessing pre-built, branded templates to customize your platform. Gain valuable member behavior insights to streamline your efforts about engagement and retention.

TECH TIP: Activate Nimble AMS’ online platform, Nimble Communities, to take member engagement at your association to the next level. Provide a safe space for members to network and socialize while driving member retention and loyalty. Leverage valuable insights about member-generated touchpoints to boost your association’s retention efforts.

3. Learning program and career advancement opportunities 
Members join associations for the benefits. According to Community Brands research, 47% of surveyed members said their top valued benefit is certifications/credentials, 45% said job opportunities, 44% said training options, and 43% said career advancement.

Offer additional value to these crucial member benefits when you look for innovative tech to support your programming goals in 2023:

  • Learning management software (LMS). Individuals join organizations to complete certification/credentialing requirements and for professional development opportunities. By choosing an LMS that integrates with your AMS, you can elevate member engagement by offering webcasts, on-demand webinars, and self-paced education courses. 

TECH TIP: When you integrate with Crowd Wisdom, a Community Brands LMS, your organization will level up the current member experience by offering a highly personalized online learning solution.

  • Career center solutions. Your members are always looking for career advancement insights and job opportunities. Foster your members’ careers by investing in a career center solution that integrates with your AMS, offering innovative career pathing resources, job board technology, placement services, and career coaches.   

TECH TIP: Integrate Nimble AMS with YM Careers, Community Brands software created to boost your members’ careers and increase member retention and recruitment.

4. Automation
You can optimize hundreds of staff processes with innovative tech. Are you ready to automate key organizational processes, improving your staff and member experiences?

Look for an AMS that offers these important features:

  • Point-and-click configuration. Select an innovative AMS that offers simple point-and-click configurations. Using clicks-not-code is central to the process of empowering your staff to build workflows to automate your organizational processes. 
  • Flow builder tool. To further streamline your automation process, look for an AMS that helps you get the job done. Building a flow allows you to target any organizational issue. With an AMS flow builder tool, your staff can create the needed automation within minutes.  

TECH TIP: Nimble AMS saves your staff valuable time by automating complex business processes. By using clicks-not-code, staff can specify process criteria to automatically update or create new records, send membership reminder emails, complete routine tasks, or submit approval requests – all in a few simple steps.

5. Modern e-commerce 
Elevate your members’ e-commerce experience with an AMS that offers innovative shopping options. Drive more revenue to your association and support a superior member experience when you choose tech with the following criteria:

  • Drive more revenue. With an innovative AMS, boost revenue in your organization’s e-commerce site in 2023. Look for a solution that offers automated abandoned cart emails to deliver a positive member e-commerce experience and prompts members to return to forgotten purchases.
  • A personalized e-commerce member experience. Choose an AMS that offers a cross-selling functionality to encourage customized shopping recommendations for your members. Highlighting personalized merchandise recommendations on your e-commerce site will encourage more individuals to shop, helping you surpass your revenue goals.

6. Mobile capabilities
Statista reported that 85% of Americans now own a smartphone, with men and members of higher-income groups leading smartphone usage trends. When you prioritize an AMS with mobile capabilities, both your staff and members will appreciate connecting with their networks, from the convenience of their phones.

Here’s how to grant immediate value to staff and members with a mobile-friendly AMS:

  • Staff. What would it be like if your team could collaborate from anywhere, all with the simple swipe of one’s phone? With a mobile-responsive AMS, your staff will have access to your entire database in their pocket, transforming team efficiency and communication, and driving you towards innovation.
  • Members. Choosing a mobile-responsive AMS will help your association boost its member engagement efforts. Going mobile will make it simple for members to sign up for an upcoming professional development course, connect with your virtual community, or register for your annual conference.

Are you ready to supercharge your organization for success in 2023?

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