True Story: A Chatter Transformation

We’ve talked in previous posts about the huge benefits of Chatter’s deep integration into Nimble AMS, which is a benefit of building on the Salesforce platform. In today’s post, I want to share a client true story on how Nimble AMS + Chatter is truly transformational. This story comes from Diane Pappafotis, Director of Customer Information Services, at our client organization, LeadingAge (read more about them here): It’s another day in the life of an association. Diane is in a meeting. Her key staff person responsible for developing reports is on vacation. Meanwhile, somewhere in the office, a user needs a new report of some key information and needs it now.

In the old world of their legacy system, the user would have submitted a Help Desk ticket. Diane would have seen it after her meeting and then determined who would have been assigned the work since the usual report writer was on vacation. In their old system, the report writing tool was Crystal Reports — a very powerful tool but it has a steep learning curve for non-technical users, so much so, that virtually all reporting was done by the IT department. That often created a bottleneck for users being able to get to the data they needed and lead to much frustration for both IT staff and the end users.

But that’s the old way. LeadingAge is now Living the Nimble Life! So back to our story.
During the meeting, Diane is monitoring their association’s Chatter feed and sees a Chatter post from the user who needs the report:

Diane starts to think the old responses — “Oh oh, do I need to leave the meeting early to handle this? Who in my department is going to be available to help?…”

But no, that’s not necessary. Because now with Chatter, the entire organization can collaborate in a manner that was impossible to do before. And, just as important, reporting in Nimble AMS is easy!
Just four minutes after the initial post, another user offers to help!

Twelve minutes after the user posted, the user who pitched in with an offer to help has posted the report results right into Chatter!

Does your association management system provide you with these abilities?

  • Easy collaboration among staff that can cross department lines and occur in near real-time.
  • End users create their own reports for real.

If not, you might want to contact us to learn more about how you too can start Living the Nimble Life.

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