Fast Forms and Nimble AMS – Easily Capture Information From The Web and Record it in Nimble AMS

Visual Antidote’s Fast Forms Product is a 100% native form builder for Salesforce.  It is an easy to use, highly intuitive solution for capturing information from the web and instantly recording it in Nimble AMS.  Fast Forms can also be used to build surveys in Salesforce and record the data directly into one or more Salesforce objects.

How Easy? 20 Minutes from Installation to Data Collection!

Here is the situation: Your events manager comes into your office on a Friday at 4:30pm and informs you that she needs a way to do a call for presentation for the conference. The catch – she needs it today (I.e. in the next 30 minutes).

No worries – this is going to be fast and easy.
You open Nimble AMS in your browser and create a new custom object called Call For Presentations with 6 fields:

  • Speaker Name
  • Speaker Email Address
  • Speaker Bio
  • Presentation Title
  • Presentation Description
  • Related Account (i.e. Lookup Relationship Field to the Person Account)
Next click on the Fast Forms tab within Nimble AMS and quickly create a form to collect this information by clicking on the Create New Form button:
Fast Forms makes it easy to add in the fields we want – simply drag and drop or double click the fields to add them to the form.  The required fields in the object are automatically added.  Add the email field from the account; if the form is submitted and the email is matched it will update the account ID on Call For Presentations object and link them automatically.
Lastly, we only want humans filling out this form so add a Captcha field as well.
 Click Save and Publish
Fast forms will provide embed code to copy into your content manager.  Paste the code into your content manager and publish:
Now goto to your newly published page and view your new form:

Now That is Awesome!

Once the form is submitted, Fast forms looks for the email address and if a match was found, automatically links to the account record:


The code generated is pure javascript and does not use old school iFrames.  This has many advantages including:

  1. CSS styling: With your form rendered directly on your page, your form will take on the look and feel of your existing page. Buttons, text boxes and labels will take on the look and feel of your existing web site. 
  2. Search engine optimization: By having your form available directly on your site, search engines like Google can more effectively read your page and list your form in search results.
  3. Advanced customization: Fast Forms offers a Javascript API, allowing you to add advanced form functionality to your forms directly on your page. Custom validation, messaging and form styling can all be built right into your form using custom Javascript code.

Other advantages over competing products:

  1. Native to Salesforce: Fast Forms is 100% native to Salesforce. This means there are no complex and messy integrations using connectors. Once you download Fast Forms, it shows up as a tab.
  2. Extremely intuitive to use: Fast Forms was designed with a non-technical Salesforce user in mind. Creating forms and surveys takes only minutes and is easy both for technical and non-technical users alike.
  3. Object first approach: Fast Forms has been built with an object first approach where all the data collected through the form or survey, directly ends up in a Salesforce object. Fast Forms works for both standard and custom objects.
  4. File Uploads: Fast Forms also supports the ability to upload a file by dragging an upload component to the form.  ​


Fast forms handles a lot of the nuances of security including:

  1. Form tampering:  If the form code is tampered with in any way (I.e. additional fields added, etc) the form will not be processed. Only the fields you add to your form will be collected into your Salesforce records.
  2. Validation: Fast Forms servers validate submitted form data to ensure your Salesforce data is kept clean. Fast Forms will validate submitted form data in both the user’s browser and on Fast Forms’ servers, ensuring that validation cannot be circumvented by malicious users.
  3. Field type enforcement: The following features are enabled for all forms built using Fast Forms:
    1. Any data that does not conform to expected data formats and maximum lengths will be ignored, including
      1. E-mail address
      2. Currency
      3. Percentage
      4. Numeric/decimal
      5. URL
    2. Any single or multi-select picklist selections that are not a valid value in Salesforce will be ignored.
    3. Any file uploads that do not conform to the expected file formats requested in your form will be ignored.
    4. Any file uploads exceeding the maximum number of uploads specified in your form will be ignored.

More to Come Soon:

Visual Antidote has a number of roadmap items that will further extend the capabilities of Fast Forms including:

  1. Hosted option:  Visual Antidote also has the ability to provide a full hosted option at an additional cost.  This would be an good option for sending out surveys to your members via email, or quick form to collect leads by a salesperson at a conference or trade show.   
  2. Conditional logic: Fast Forms will provide the ability to customize your form experience depending on the values your users enter into your forms. This feature will be ideal for lengthy forms or complex surveys.  This will part of an advanced package that will have additional cost for those that need it.
  3. Payment integration: Fast Forms will support payment collection in its forms. This is ideal for dues or donation collection forms.  This will part of an advanced package that will have additional cost for those that need it. ​

How to Get It

Fast Forms is Available on the Salesforce Appexchange (Link)


Fast Forms is priced at $25/organization/month ($300/year).  This includes unlimited users and unlimited forms.  This is a special discounted price just for Nimble AMS Customers. 
Please contact Dee Guttikonda at for the ‘NimbleDiscount’.

About Visual Antidote

For over a decade, Visual Antidote has worked with associations and not for profit clients building technology solutions to help them succeed with their members. Visual Antidote has been experimenting with product development in Salesforce since 2012 after falling in love with the cutting edge technology platform.
Fast Forms is Visual Antidote’s flagship application built on the Salesforce platform to enable easy integration between Salesforce and an organization’s website. Visual Antidote’s product team is passionate about building dynamic and intuitive tools to enable all users to extend the functionality of their Salesforce instance.

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