Free Your Feet! Nimble AMS Celebrates Flip Flop Opening Day

Let’s not sugarcoat things — winters in Rochester, New York are brutal. Most of the year, we are wearing heavy coats, hats, and gloves and our feet are confined to boots of some kind. Even our cars get special winter shoes (snow tires)!

So you can imagine the joy that fills the air when the temperatures start to rise, the snow starts to melt, and our toes can finally come out of hiding. Today, we celebrated this wonderful weather change (and all that comes with it) with our annual Flip Flop Opening Day. We used our brilliant imaginations to pretend that it wasn’t only 50 degrees and cloudy outside (bringing new meaning to “chilling and grilling”).

Flip Flop Opening Day is a beloved Nimble AMS tradition that includes a staff lunch of classic summer grub — hotdogs, burgers, salad, and ice cream — prepared by our very own Sig VanDamme, Founder & Chief Customer Officer, and Dave Domagala, Customer Success Manager.

Of course, it is known in western New York that as soon as you put away your winter clothes, remove your snow tires, and celebrate the warm weather, you can count on at least one more snowy day. We will see what the future weeks hold for us. But for now, we’ll keep our eyes on the sunny skies and cheers to the fact that we have survived another winter!

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