Private Social Network for Your Association

An association’s AMS (association management system) is the organization’s core.  It is the central repository for all interaction between the association and their constituents (members, non-members, donors, prospects, etc.).  That interaction could be something small, like a member updated his/her account online with new or missing demographic data, or it could be much larger, like a $50,000 sponsorship agreement.  So we can all agree, that our AMS has some really great data in it for us.
So how do we get that information in a timely fashion?  Traditionally, an AMS would require reports.  Not just one, but many reports.  And these reports would require the association’s staff to pull those reports.  Timely would not be a word I would use to describe this process.  But that was the traditional approach.  On regular intervals, staff would generate reports on these key elements.
Nimble AMS and is turning that “pull” data concept on its head.  In the age of Facebook and Twitter where you are alerted throughout the day of key facts, snippets of information, and posts of what people are doing, why can’t your association’s interactions and data be treated the same way?  Wouldn’t you like to be alerted just like a Facebook post or a Twitter feed about what is happening at your association?  You can!
Chatter is a feature in Nimble AMS and that encourages a collaboration at work.  It is essentially your association’s own private social network.  Can you imagine it, a social network for your staff built directly in your AMS?  Wow!

Through our implementations of Nimble AMS, we have found that Chatter transforms how an association works. ​

Chatter features include:

  • Profiles – Get to know your association colleagues and share expertise.
  • Groups – Work more closely and collaborate on teams.
  • Status updates – Update your colleagues and groups on what you’re doing.
  • Feeds – Monitor everything that matters most to your in one spot. Nimble AMS generates feeds on key AMS data you want to see.
  • File share – Find and share files with ease.
  • Updates – Know immediately when key data is updated.
  • Analytics – Get insight from your reports and dashboards.
  • Notifications – Keep up with Chatter even when you’re not logged in.
  • Mobile – Stay productive and in the loop when you’re on the road.
Using Chatter through Nimble AMS, you and your staff can now stay more connected to the heart beat of the association.  
Can your AMS do that?

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