Salesforce Certification – A Win/Win


General knowledge of database or website technologies is invaluable, but at the the end of the day, we implement projects in specific products. A Ph.D. in computer science doesn’t mean someone is a SQL Server 2008 rock star.
A key benefit of working with Salesforce CRM is a top-knotch professional certification program that recognizes individuals who have passed detailed proficiency exams. offers two distinct certification paths, Administrator and Developer.
Certified Administrators employ broad knowledge of the Salesforce CRM platform. Administrators provide first-tier support for other users, create reports and dashboards, define validations, construct workflows and approval processes, and handle the day-to-day oversight of a Salesforce organization.
Certified Developers evince comprehensive knowledge of the development platform. Developers create custom objects, database triggers, Visualforce pages, and other custom components. Developers may also work with the web services API to integrate Salesforce CRM with other products.
To prove higher levels of proficiency, Certified Administrators may earn additional credentials as Sales or Service Cloud Implementation Experts, and Certified Developers can go on to earn a Technical Architect credential. For the overachiever, there are also Advanced Administrator and Advanced Developer certifications.
Since releases significant new enhancements to the platform every four months, like clockwork, we all have to maintain our certifications by taking release-specific exams, for each certification. The maintenance exams are not as grueling as the initial exams, but earning and keeping certifications demonstrates commitment to the Salesforce platform. 

At NimbleUser, our Salesforce implementation teams include a mix of Certified Administrators and Certified Developers. Having certified consultants on board helps us provide our customers with the highest possible level of service.
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