Association Technology Predictions for 2012

I recently came across this great post by Kiki L’Italien on predictions for associations in 2012.  A lot of what was posted seems perfectly aligned with our features for Nimble AMS.

  • Social media is here to stay and more associations will be utilizing social media tools.
  • Associations will be “forced” to be more innovative, mobile, and social.
  • Associations will jump on QR codes with vigor.
  • The association will need to lasso all the engagement channels.
  • Associations must prove, not assume, their value to members.
  • Association staff will list their social network contact information on their business cards.

It is great fun reading what others in the association industry are predicting and planning for in 2012.  These are all great things to consider when looking at your AMS and you wonder … can my AMS do that?

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