Celebrating the Return of Flip Flop Season

It’s that time of year again — time to celebrate the survival of another winter and the beginning of warmer weather. Trust me, that’s beyond exciting in western New York. We’ve spent months watching snow fall, soothing sore muscles from shoveling our driveways, and wishing that we had remote start to warm up our cars after work. When this time of year rolls around, we are very ready for it.

After last year’s chilly Flip Flop Opening Day, we decided to move this year’s event to May so we could possibly enjoy a little sunshine with our barbecue. But just when we thought we figured out Mother Nature, she went rogue. (To be fair, as western New Yorkers, we should expect this.) The day started out beautifully with sunny skies, as you would imagine a day in May to be. Right around lunch, of course, the winds picked up, it got a little cloudy, and the rain started before we could begin any games of Four Square, the official game of Nimble AMS.

It seems our luck with Flip Flop Opening Day weather isn’t so great, but we didn’t let that ruin the fun. Whether we’re in our big conference room or outside on the patio, it’s always a good time with this crew!

Sig VanDamme – Founder, Chief Customer Officer, Grillmaster, and Flip Flop Enthusiast

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