How to: Easy Credit Card Refunds

Let’s review the process to refund credit card purchases in Nimble AMS–one of our favorite questions during implementations. Whether it’s an event cancellation, an accidental overpayment on an invoice or a merchandise return, credit card payment refunds are easy to process (without needing to cut your customer a refund check)!
Assumptions: client is using Nimble AMS and an Authorize.Net payment gateway. Time to process a refund! There are three conditions to consider when reversing a transaction:

  1. If a transaction was processed on July 15 but later that day the transaction required a refund, Nimble AMS offers the ability to VOID the transaction (since the transaction hasn’t been reconciled by Authorize.Net). Transaction age here is 0 days.
  1. If a transaction age is within 1 – 120 days old, a full refund can be executed through the Nimble AMS interface without needing the know the full 16 digit number. You will be able to identify the CC by the last 4 digits via a drop down on the order’s payment refund page, and the selected transaction/account will be reversed automatically.
  1. When a transaction is 120+ days old, a refund can still be processed however you will need the full 16 digit CC to refund the order (you may use Authorize.Net or ask the customer to get their #). You are still able to refund the amount through Nimble AMS.
To process a refund simply locate and Edit the order
Choose Payments from the right-hand process menu then click the Refund button
 For conditions 1 & 2, select Credit Card refund type and click Save
For condition 3 (when the transaction is 90+ days old), check the Manual box and type in the full 16 digit CC Number, click Save

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