How to Schedule Reports in Nimble AMS and Salesforce

Do you have daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly reports that are each run manually, printed and distributed to your team or director? If so, you can save hours a week leveraging one of the most powerful features of Nimble AMS and the platform: Scheduled Reports!

Once a report is created in Nimble AMS, you can very quickly and easily schedule the report to be sent to any licensed staff user.

Follow these simple steps to schedule your report(s) for delivery:

  • Select the report you’d like to schedule
  • Select the dropdown next to Run Report | Schedule Future Runs…
  • On the Schedule Report screen, select To me and/or others… to select staff names as recipients
  • Schedule the report’s frequency, start and end date/time
  • Save Report Schedule
That’s all it takes to schedule reports with Nimble AMS!

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