Salesforce and NimbleUser Highlight the Top 3 Benefits of Using Person Accounts

Person Accounts

Our own Jeff Golembiewski, Director of Product Management, was a recent guest blogger for Salesforce. Salesforce asked him to share NimbleUser’s perspective on person accounts since we have years of experience on the topic. We built our association management system, Nimble AMS, from the ground up using Salesforce’s recommended configuration of person accounts. Salesforce specifically recommends using person accounts when you have individual consumers. In the association world, so much of an association’s commerce, engagement, and interaction is with the individual consumers for memberships, registrations, merchandise, donations, certifications, and much more. 

So what are some of the benefits an association would gain by adopting the Salesforce person account model? In Jeff’s blog, he explains the top 3 benefits that he has learned over the years of working with Salesforce and associations. 

One of the top benefits is easier and more centralized reporting. Person accounts make reporting simple and architecturally a straight line. As we know with associations, any transaction, activity, engagement, or opportunity could be with an individual or a company. In this example, the association may receive donations from both individuals or companies. Person accounts streamline your reporting needs. You only need to list “accounts” in your report to get your list of donations that came in from either an individual or company — one column in an easy to read report.

Check out the Salesforce blog for more of benefits of using person accounts for an association.

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