Take Me Out to the Ball Game (…But Only if There are Free Tacos)

Last Thursday, members of the NimbleUser team and their families set their laptops and smartphones aside to enjoy a night out at a Rochester Red Wings baseball game. Not only did we get to enjoy a Red Wings win and some great fireworks, but we also got to hear our very own Peter Pirro, a project manager, belt out God Bless America during the seventh inning. 

“When I talked with Kathryn about a night at the Red Wings for one of my singing gigs this year, I never thought we’d have a Nimble-sponsored night out. And who would have anticipated a mixture of 59 co-workers with their friends and families? Needless to say, it’s easy to feel the love.”  -Peter Pirro

Not all of us were aware of Peter’s extensive singing background. Peter has always loved singing and experienced his first performance at a Red Wings game while interning for the team after graduation. Since then, Peter has performed in Toronto, Oakland, Houston, Kansas City, Baltimore, Chicago (White Sox), Cleveland, and Cincinnati. He’s also taken the stage at multiple Rochester Amerks (hockey) and Knighthawks (lacrosse) games, a Little League season kick-off, and the American Heart Association’s Heart Walk. 

It turns out Peter’s performance wasn’t the only added perk of going to the game. Because the Red Wings were able to strike out a targeted Syracuse batter, everyone’s tickets instantly became coupons for free Taco Bell tacos. Everyone knows we love food… and free food — even better! Everyone else in the crowd may have thought we were cheering for the Red Wings, but in reality, we were celebrating the #TacoCouponMiracleOf2015. 

To reward Peter for a job well done, we sent him on a taco run the next day to redeem the tickets-turned-coupons. After all, it wouldn’t be right to take the joy of delivering food to hungry Nimblers away from him. He searched high and low for all the tickets he could get. We weren’t above taking them from innocent children either…

Then, Peter made the 15 minute drive to the nearest Taco Bell (because no inconvenience is too great when it comes to free food). He returned with a bag full of tacos – crunchy AND soft shell – to feed the masses. It was the perfect way to end the week and top off a great event!

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