Three Ways to Shake Things Up on a Monday:  Lessons From a Rogue Bird

Let’s face it — sometimes Mondays are bland. Sometimes coffee doesn’t wake you up and you need that extra jolt. Here are three ways you can add some extra excitement to your office on a Monday morning (and probably also make everyone in your office strongly dislike you). These lessons are brought to you by the surprise bird that visited our office yesterday morning. ​
  1. Come through the door at lightning speed without saying “hello” to anyone. Extra points if you can fly and swoop down as close as possible to the heads of employees, or anything similar that may cause startled yells or mass chaos. In our case, the bird buzzed over the marketing group which produced a stunned gaze and a few shrieks. We are still recovering.
  2. Steal a meeting room that you did not book. (This is a definite way to cause a scene at NimbleUser.) Then when everyone stares at you in shock, stare back and throw yourself into the window, like our little friend who made himself comfortable in our “Living the Dream” meeting room. As you can imagine, it was no dream — it was actually a nightmare.
  3. When someone tells you it’s time to go, simply refuse. Run around like you’re playing a game of Tag and then find a great hiding place (for example, up in a light). Forcing someone to carry you out of the building always makes things fun. Our bird visitor did just this and was delicately removed by Senior Consultant, Adam Carey. 

And there you have it — it’s really that simple! 

Note: No birds were harmed in the writing of this post. Although we enjoyed having our own NimbleUser Aviary for a short time, the bird was returned to the outdoors. (See the dramatic release below.) He is probably publishing a similar blog entitled, “Why are Humans Always Panicking? Lessons from an Innocent Trip to an Office Building”.

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